This is a work in progress – if there are any acronyms you feel ought to be in this list, please get in touch or leave a comment below!

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Acronym Definition Link/Note
AACR Anglo American Cataloguing Rules 
#aberils Aberystwyth (University) Information and Library Studies
ACLIP Affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals Post-nomials associated with CILIP certification
ALA American Libraries Association
ALISS Association of Libraries and Information Professionals in Social Sciences
ALISS (2) A Local information System for Scotland
ALPSP Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers
ARLG Academic and Research Libraries Group
ARLIS Art Libraries Society
ASIS&T American Society for Information Science & Technology
ASLIB Association of Special Libraries & Information Bureau
BIALL British and Irish Association of Law Librarians
BOPCAS British Official Publications Current Awareness Service
CDEG Community Diversity and Equality Group
CIG Cataloguing and Indexing Group
CILIP Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
CILIPS Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals Scotland
#citylis City (University) Library and Information Science
CLIG City Legal Information Group
CLIK Campaigning for Libraries in Kent
CLSIG Commercial, legal and Scientific Information Group
DH Digital Humanities A field of study concerned with the interaction between computing and the humanities. Can also be a standalone degree subject typically linked with LIS degrees.
EAHIL European Association for Health Information and Libraries
GIG Government Information Group
HGIOPLS How Good is our Public Library Service (Scotland)
HLG Health Libraries Group
HoPLS Heads of Public Library Services (Scotland)\partner\heads-of-public-library-services\
ILG Information Literacy Group
ILI Internet Librarian International
ILIG International Library and Information Group
ISKO International Society for Knowledge Organisation
JISC Joint Information Systems Committee
LAI Library Association of Ireland
LAICDG Library Association of Ireland Career Development Group
LIHG Library and Information History Group
LIKE London Information and Knowledge Exchange
LIS Library and Information Studies
LIS (2) Library and Information Sector
LIS (3) Librarianship and Information Science
LISNPN Library and Information Sector New Professionals Network
LSG Local Studies Group
MCLIP (Chartered) Member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals Post-nomials associated with CILIP chartership
MLIS Master of Library and Information Science Term used to denote a postgraduate library qualification, most commonly used in the United States.
MMIT MultiMedia Information and Technology Group
NLPN New Library Professionals Network
OCLC Online Computer Library Center
PATMG Patent and TradeMark Group
PKSB Professional Knowledge and Skills Base
PLAA Pupil Library Assistant of the Year Award
PLIF Public Library Improvement Fund (Scotland)
PLN Public Libraries News
PLOY Prison Librarian of the Year
PMLG Public and Mobile Libraries Group
PPRG Publicity and Public Relations Group
PrLG Prison Libraries Group
RSBCG Rare Books and Special Collections Group
SALCTG Scottish Academic Libraries Cooperative Training Group
SCL Society of Chief Librarians
SCONUL Society of College, National and University Libraries
SLA Special Libraries Association
SLA (2) School Library Association
SLG School Libraries Group
SLIC Scottish Library and Information Council
SLIP Student Librarian & Information Professionals Ireland
SLiV School Libraries in View
TEI Text Encoding Initiative A community dedicated to maintaining a technical standard for XML formatting (you may come across this in your LIS degree!)
#ucllis University College London Library and Information Studies
UHMLG University Health and Medical Libraries Group
UKeiG United Kingdom e-information Group
UKSG United Kingdom Serials Group
UX User Experience A term commonly used in LIS when referring to improvements to be made, or problems to be solved in users’ interactions with a library or information environment.
VfTL Voices for The Library
YLG Youth Libraries Group

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