Here’s a short intro from the LISNPN team members:

Amy has been involved with LISNPN since 2014, has a background in philosophy and is an Academic Library Assistant, currently half way through studying a distance learning MLIS at the University of Boras, also writes for Hack Library School, and is on Twitter @amycrossmenzies

Phil has been with LISNPN since 2014. He obtained his MSc in Information Science from UCL and currently works as a Search Analyst. You can find him on Twitter @philbgorman

Caitlin is a new member of the LISNPN team. She’s currently working as a school librarian, having recently obtained a PgDip in librarianship from the University of Strathclyde (the dissertation is still a work in progress!). You can find her on Twitter @scaredycait (but be warned, she tweets a lot about quiz shows).

Lauren is also a new joiner. ‘I’m a reader and writer who can’t stop thinking about books. After volunteering at Lichfield Library, my favourite public library, I was lucky enough to land an internship at Gladstone’s Library – the UK’s only residential library – 10 glorious months living amongst 19th century tomes! I’m now thrilled to be working in a University library, and plan to stay there until I’m old and grey.’ Lauren occasionally breaks the tradition of being a twitter lurker to tweet about her favourite books and authors (@laurenholmes_16). You can read about her adventures at Gladlib here.                            

Claudio just joined LISNPN. He is a graduate trainee at the Albert Sloman Library, University of Essex. After spending a term each in Acquisitions and Interlibrary Loans, he is now learning the ropes of cataloguing and classification. When not librarianing, Claudio plays quidditch and boardgames. Find him on Twitter @claudiosvaluto

Laura is new to LISNPN too.  She has worked in public and college libraries and currently works in a small HE library, where she gets to try different aspects of library work, whilst starting MA studies at Sheffield.  She is a huge fan of public libraries and their role in communities, having got her first teen job in the local library where she had read almost every children’s book! She tweets @laurascupoftea

Steph is another new member of the team. An interlibrary loans library assistant at the University of Essex, she is half way through an MSc in Information and Library Studies via distance learning at RGU in Aberdeen. Find her on LinkedIn or Twitter @Steph_Kelly (she’s coming back to Twitter after a bit of a hiatus, but looks forward to it!)

With a background in medieval literature, Louise took her first library post in the Queen’s University Belfast Special Collections and Archives Department while completing her PhD.  It’s been all things library ever since!  Excited to join the LISNPN team, she has also worked in the public library service (Heritage and Music Departments) and currently works in the QUB Medical and HSC Library.   LinkedIn  @l1885w

Catherine: “I’m new to LISNPN, though have been an active CILIP member for the past year and a half. After frequenting university libraries for four consecutive years (three as an undergraduate at Lancaster and one as a graduate at Oxford) I realised that I wanted to experience those environments from the side of the service providers. A four-month residential internship at Gladstone’s Library in North Wales gave me a fantastic introduction to the profession and enabled me to secure a year-long traineeship working in the University of Liverpool’s Special Collections and Archives. Now at the end of this process, I’m excited to be starting a Library and Information Studies qualification at UCL this September. I’m looking forward to writing more about library life, work and study, and interacting with other new professionals here, in the coming months!” Find Catherine on Twitter @Cathie289.

Kirsten-Rose: “I’m also new to LISNPN and currently one of two graduate trainees at UWE Bristol. After graduating in History at the University of Warwick, I fell in love with library work during a life-changing five-month internship at Gladstone’s Library in North Wales (there are quite a few Gladuates on LISNPN’s team!). I’ve just been accepted onto a distance MA in Information and Library Studies at Aberystwyth University, and am excited to start delving into the theory and research side of libraries. I hope to work in health libraries after my traineeship as I love medical history, and am fascinated in the ways libraries inform and engage with current practice. I tweet @thekirstenrose and blog my library adventures here.”

Other members of the LISNPN team are Chloe, Heather, Gill, Kelly, and Gina. Look out for blog posts from some of the newest members coming up soon!
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Featured Image: Library book date label by Amy Cross-Menzies is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



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